BMW Water Vapor Jet

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Universal fitment for any vehicle with Electronic fuel injection system with fuel regulator and controlled by ECU engine Management. Can be reused on other cars.


Honda Civic EK Honda Prelude Porsche Jaguar
Honda Civic EG Honda Integra Fiat Vauxhall
Honda CRX 88-91 Jordan Civic Saab VW Corrado
Honda CRX 92-96 Nissan Skyline Mercedes Rover
Honda Accord Audi Toyota Yaris New Mini

Above is a BMW E36 318i. Our Water Vapor was supplied and fitted by Invo auto ltd. Speak to Tommy regarding our products. They are based in London and you can call them on 0207 607 1677

Above BMW E36 328i, Invo Auto have supplied and fitted the Water Vapour Kit and the Carbon Air Box, any details for the above vehicle please ring to 07831 579043.


BMW E30 , 320i, M3
These photos show the installation of our vapor jet onto a BMW 320i - 6 cylinders!!
1) mount the bottle bracket securely;
2) fit the bottle into the bracket and then top up the bottle with water.
3) connect the hose from the bottle to "T junction"
4) as you can see from the photos, the hose from the vapor jet is connected with a "T junction" where one end is connected to the fuel regulator and the other end is connected to the inlet manifold where the air sucks in NOT out.

Our Vapor Jet is currently reviewed by Max Power in May 2001 issue under "Fresh Stuff."

RRP : GBP 280

The BMW E30 320i Automatic above has our water vapor jet and was supplied and fitted by Jenks Autos in East London. Their details can be found on our agents page.

The BMW E30 M3 below also has our water vapor jet and was supplied and fitted by Invo auto ltd in North London 0207 607 1677

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