Spark Plugs 13.50 Each


"Denso Iridium Power Spark Plugs by FAST CAR

This Denso spark plug is one to get excited about, as its the first one in the world to run a 0.4mm iridium centre electrode. This tiny electrode gives a flame nucleus, meaning improved performance. And as it has an iridium tip, they should last ages - even in high boost engines. Now available for all Jap and Cossie powered motors, a set of these plugs will give all the advantages of performance HT leads at a fraction of the cost."


" Denso Iridium Plug by MAX POWER

SRR importers Invo Auto have added Denso spark plugs to their impressive performance product range. Invo claim these plugs are the first in the UK with 0.4mm tips and say the mega reduction in electrode width increases the spark to double the size of that produced by OE plugs. It's worth nothing that a bigger spark can produce more efficient combustion in the cylinders. This can increase power output and actually increase fuel economy.

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