Turbo Jet 90.00

What is it for?

How it works

The Turbo Jet. One of the greatest innovations in air velocity technology. This product is and has been available in Japan and USA for many months now. Invoauto are the first company to bring this product to the UK. The turbo jet was introduced for high power turbo Japanese cars like Supra's and skylines. The purpose was to generate pressure in the turbo intake and once the car starts to decline in revs and the dump valve has let off any excess pressure, the turbo jet would aid the turbo to retain its direction and keep it spinning so there was no turbo lag once the engine started to accelerate again. This proved very effective and then the Honda VTEC enthusiasts got hold of them and placed them in the cars intake to get a similar beneficial gain. The gain which a naturally aspirated car receives is that the turbo jet keeps the air pressure in the intake pipe, throttle and cylinders even when the car is decelerating.

When you drive your car from the start, you floor the pedal and once your car reaches it's peak power at maximum revs you then need to step up a gear. To do so, you have to let off the accelerator to change gears and allow the clutch to synchronise with the engine. As you do this, the engine is decelerating and the airflow cycle is in retard and coming to a  stop. Once you have successfully changed gear, you then accelerate again to start your airflow cycle. But with the turbo jet fitted as you let off the accelerator to change gear, the turbo jet is still spinning at a very high revolution, pulling and pushing air through to the intake pipe into the throttle body so that when u accelerate again, the air compression in the throttle body is to its maximum and already mixing with the fuel to give a positive combustion and a lot larger power output.

Performance Gains

Please note...

The Turbo Jet has proved on all our tested vehicles to give very good acceleration gains and that the engine will rev a lot smoother and the power band of your engine will come in a lot quicker than before. The Turbo Jet, as well as compressing the air, it also causes the air to cyclone, and to build up turbulence which speeds up how fast air can travel through a certain volumetric area. Other manufacturers like Piper X, K&N, Green are only now just bragging about the Vortex, The Cyclone, the fifth generation, but in Japan this is old news. Causing the air to turn whilst in motion is a proven fact that air will travel smoother and quicker through a certain area and is now being used in various other products. Even Dyson have now developed a Hoover called the cyclone which uses the same principle to give more power.

We must say that this product will not give your engine hardly any BHP gains but will definitely assist you in accelerating from standstill to point to point quicker than before.

See it in action here (1.3mb).



For more information or pictures of cars we have fitted the Turbo Jet on, you can download our Turbo Jet Catalogue here (250kb).

Below: Honda Civic EK coupe VTI fitted with a Turbo Air Jet inside the induction air pipe. Also featured are the Invo Water Vapor Jet and Invo Stainless Steel Filter.