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12 Dunford Road Holloway
London N7 6EP.

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Tel and Fax: 44 (0)207 607 1677
Mobile: 44 (0)7831 579043 ask for Tommy

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Summit and Swave UK Ltd and Invo auto Ltd
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Tel: 44 (0)207 607 1677 Ask for Tommy
Fax: 44 (0)207 607 1677
Mobile: 44 (0)7831 579043 ask for Tommy
  Hong Kong Head Office Details

Gilbert Chow
Shop 5A Kwong Sang Hong Center
151-153 Hoibun Road
Kwun Tong Kowloon
Hong Kong

Tel: 00852 27838782
Fax: 00852 27826827

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Our company originated from the independent Invo Autotec in Hong Kong established by Mr. Gilbert Chow in 1994.  At the time, the main function of Invo Autotec was providing German tuning products for the Far East market.  It became the sole distributor for Hong Kong and China in brand names such as Eibach, Brabus, K&N Filters, Sebring Exhaust, Black Diamond, Glencoe Products (FSE) and ABT.  Later, it progressed to join work forces with Taiwan Brabus.  Due to its rapid development and growing reputation, the decision to expand towards the European market for Japanese cars was implemented.

The beginning of Invo Auto (UK) in 1999 was then created by Mr. Tommy Fung – a parts trade expert for car main dealers since 1986, when he was just 15 years old.  Our primary focus was in supplying performance and styling products and we became the sole European distributor in brand names such as Company SRR Racing and Company GP-Racing & Company Summit Body Chassis Brace and Summit S-Wave Racing Suspension Arm products and Hard-race. We were mainly supported by SMS International in addition to other manufacturers who trusted upon our marketing expertise for both themselves and Invo Auto (UK).

Our product range is constantly kept up-to-date and remains broad. Our strongest product lines are: stainless steel air filters, air induction kits, Summit Strut braces, suspension coilovers & dampers, Full Titanium Cat-Back sports exhaust and Titanium back boxes or carbon back boxes exhaust and Turbo manifold /Exhaust-Manifold known as ‘Headers’. and Intake manifold and Intercooler Kit and Oil Cooler Kit and Waste-gate or Throttle Body

We can locate many Japanese tuning parts and Body-styling kits made of PU, Fibre Glass and carbon bonnets that are not available in the UK. Furthermore, we can obtain carbon fibre products such as interior parts, chrome line, aluminium strut bars, titanium exhausts, carbon electric mirrors and coloured rear lamps.  Currently, we are obtaining a copyright over our titanium generation 3 exhausts range since we were the first company to offer them to the European market.  Please note that some of our products are only suitable for touring and racing car use (e.g. Group A and N – track use only).

Many of our high quality products are frequently being featured in commercial magazines like Max Power, Banzai, Revs, Japanese Performance, Fast Car and Red Line.

Our aim is to supply agents in Europe with outstanding products for Japanese and European vehicles at extremely affordable prices.


For further information please contact us via e-mail, telephone (+44 7831 579 043) or fax (+44 207 607 1677).


We are always looking for new agents for our range of unique products. If you are a reputable auto performance parts dealer and wish to become our agent, please fax your details and requirements on letter headed paper to 0207 6071677. Your request will be dealt with accordingly. Applications will be dealt with much faster if two references are included from other reputable dealers.


Agent applications will be reviewed every two years, according to your demand for Invo products. We offer agents a discount scheme depending on the amount of sales they make and promote. The more you promote and push Invo products, the higher discount you will receive. For example, other companies require you to stock large quantities before you receive your 25-30% discount. The beauty of Invoauto is that we do not need you to stock large quantities in order to become an agent. We just require you to push and promote. The more you push, the more discount you are entitled to.


Above are some pictures of our partners in the Far East. Picture 1 is Gilbert in Hong Kong as Invo auto Tech, Picture 2 and 3 are SMS International LTD who support Invo auto UK. Picture 4 is SMS and myself representing Invo auto at the Frankfurt Auto-mechanica show in 2002. The last few pictures are GP Racing Team who race in  the Far East such as Macau, China and Taiwan. SRR Racing Company own the two blue Civic who support Invoauto UK as well.


Above pictures,  we visited the booth of  Summit and Swave in Far East, 2006 and we also went to their office and meet with their staff and their boss - Tommy, they also showing us how they made their Summit Brace in their factory.


Above pictures, JAE  July 2005 in The East of England Showground at Peterborough, this is our company team, thank you for all of our team members helping us for the show, and thank you for visiting Invo Auto trade tent.


The Jap show held on  Santa Pod Raceway on 3 to 4 July 2010 that we attended. ( Below pictures ) INVO AUTO LTD inviting two Model and inviting R K TUNING Steven Kiddell to attended our stand to displaying their show cars and Track cars in Santa Pod Raceway and INVO AUTO displaying all the Summit Racing Chassis Brace Products and other Performance Parts and Motorsport Suspension DRIFTING Camber Arms, Pillow Ball Tension Rods, Tension Toe Rods and Other Performance Products. Thank you for all the team member helping Invo Auto Ltd and big thanks to our INVO girls Faye and Laura for doing a spectacular job at Santa Pod Jap Show !


Below pictures, Invo Auto went to visit Mardi Gras Motorsport, regarding all our SRR Honda products and Titanium Exhaust System. The Company Mardi Gras Motorsport built racing car for BTCC.

Mardi Gras Motorsport  Unit 45 & 46 Silverstone Circuit Towcester Northants NN12 8TL   Tel:01327 858006


Prism Motorsport in Enfield run by Mr. Clive Anderson, he owns the above BMW E30, house built V8 twin turbo, racing spec., special saloon racing series, using some of our air filter and testing the performance, directly running onto the turbo where it located the near side and off side outer head light, that replaced with our rocket shield air filter plus Invo sponsor his car.  This BMW E30 are well known in Brands Hatch, Croft, Cadwell Park, Donington Part & Snetterton Racing Circuit.


The above photo's on the Red Skyline belongs to RK Tuning - Mr Ron Kiddell and the yellow Skyline belongs to his nephew - Darren. Thank you for Mr Kiddell always attends JAE with Invo Auto trade stand. RK Tuning have a very good friendship with Invo Auto, Mr Kiddell also does testing the Skyline Products for our company. Mr Kiddell has over 10 years professional experience on Skyline's engine re-building and repairing.He also attends drag racing at Santa Pod Raceway and Ten of the Best with his own Skyline, low 9 seconds, he is aiming to get 8 seconds.Mr Kiddell spends a lot of effort on building his own RB30 engine for drag racing, approximatel 900bhp He also has the OS GIKEN 6 Speed sequential gearbox. Invo Auto is highly recommended for his workmanship, he's very reasonable on his pricing compare to the other Skyline's garage.

RK TUNING Skyline Specialist   Unit 4 Nashlea Farm Poor Lane North Daws Heath Benfleet Essex SS7 2XF 
Tel: 01702557124


The above photo's on WRC is the first company who used the Summit 5 pieces Front Under Brace Kit in their Fast-Road Track Circuit demo car and testing the Summit Racing Products. Regarding to this product, and you can ring to Tommy directly on 0207 607 1677
WRC's CHRIS DAVIES. They will be the company who test all the Summit Subaru Products.

WRC Technologies Unit 41 & 42 Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit Silverstone Northamptonshire NN12 8TN  Tel:08709 911797 MR CHRIS DAVIES


The above photo's on Fensport- Mr Adrian Smith has a wonderful Toyota Celica-VVTI and Toyota Corolla, one of the fastest Corolla VVTI in UK. Invo Auto works along with Fensport and have a great relationship with them.

Fensport Toyota Performance  8 Dock Road Chatteris Cambs PE16 6RE  Tel:01354 696968


The below two cars are prepared for Motorsport Rally used, group A class under 1600cc engine size.  They are both Honda Civic EG. Our company was invited by Mr Gareth Burke, DRD Motorsport, attended one of the biggest events in Ireland, The Killarney International Rally, which held on 29/30th of April 2006.  Both of the Civic are attended The Killarney International Rally Race.

Especially the white Civic, installed Invo's 4 branch into 1 stainless steel exhaust manifold and the weight is 6.5kg, Full Titanium cat back exhaust system for motorsport used with 98 to 105 decibel which has FIA approved and the weight is 5.5kg, Carbon air induction box and Carbon air tube with aluminium polished pipe.  I personally installed our Water Vapor kit into the white Civic for this events.  It brings more power to the Vtec. On the red Civic, we sponsor our Invo's full stainless steel cat back exhaust system for their next really race.  They were both attended to the following events:

First event: Galway International Rally early February, 2nd in Class 2 with the EK civic but unfortunately crashed out on the third last stage (no injuries, only to the car) in the EG civic.

Second Event: Mayo National Rally (Dunlop Championship), 1st in Class 2 with the EK civic and after extensive repairs to the EG civic we came 1st on the overall junior event.

All the photos are taken by Invo Auto Ltd on 29/30th April 2006.


DRD Motorsports - Mr Gareth Burke

Marian house 65 Newcastle Road Galway Ireland


DRD Motorsports, their Honda Civic EG Rally have prepared and installed our New Invo 4 branch into 1 manifold, Full Titanium cat back Exhaust system and New carbon Air Induction box.

DRD Motorsports taken their Rally Honda Civic to the company called TTM in Galway Ireland for ECU Remapping and Power Run. 
Both pictures on the left show bhp and torque figures and Thanks for DRD Motorsports give us the graphs.


Ratrace Ltd - Own by Mr Rob Morley
Unit A bath place 174 High Street Barnet Hertfordshire EN5 5XE
Tel: 01707 645040

Ratrace Ltd is the official service agents for Caterham and race prepare.  They also specialist in Lotus Elise. Invo Auto Ltd works along with Ratrace for developing new products.  Thank you to Mr. Rob for all the pictures giving to us.


The below photo's on CPR-CAR PLANET RACING MR CLIVE SEDDON has a wonderful Mitsubishi EVO 5/6 two of the fastest EVO in UK. 
INVO AUTO LTD have a great relationship with them.

TEL 01925 414199 Mr Laurence Stewart or Clive Seddon



The below photo's on Roger Clark Motorsport - Mr Olly Clark has a wonderful Subaru Impreze 22B rally preparation car in UK. He used this vehicle for Time Attack Race and also for Ten of the Best, he is the champion overall winner at Ten of the Best in 2007 and 2008 and 2009. INVO AUTO LTD have a great relationship with Roger Clark Motorsport Team

Roger Clark Motorsport
Specialist in All Subaru and All Mitsubishi EVO Race and Rally car preparation
19 to 20 Brindley Road
Dodwell's Bridge Industrial Estate
Hinckley Leicester LE10 3BY

MR Olly Clark and Mr Matt Clark
TEL. 01455 610728 or 01455 828610 Tim or Tom in Part's


The below photo's on Power Station HQ and Power Supply Tuning Parts, their Subaru Impreze STI Spec D, fitted with AST suspension onto their race car, they won Time Attack Race on 2006.They invited us to their opening day on 20 April 2008 and 15 November 2008 INVO AUTO LTD have a great relationship with them.

Power Station HQ and Power Supply Tuning Parts
Specialist in Subaru and EVO and Race car preparation
Northway Trading Estate
Northway Lane
Tewkesbury GL20 8JH

MR Karl Allen
TEL. 01684-292555 or 0800-652 2544 Part's


INVO AUTO LTD have a great relationship with EAST SHORE RACING


TEL 0191 523 5555 OR 07714 457051


INVO AUTO LTD have a great relationship with THE Z CENTRE and MR LUKE BORG

TEL 0115 967 6356

The below two cars are prepared for Motorsport Rally used, group N class under 1600cc engine size. They are both Suzuki Swift Sport. Our company was invited by Mr Nicky Finlayson at Monster Sport Europe to the motorsport Garage in Milton Keynes Track Race Circuit preparation and Rally group N preparation and regarding all our Suzuki Summit and Swave products and Titanium Exhaust Products and Other Suspension Racing products. Tommy @ Invo Auto Ltd have a great relationship with Monster Sport Europe and Nicky Finlayson.
They will be the company who test all the Summit and Swave Chassis Equipment for all Suzuki Products.

Monster Sport Europe ( Specialist in Suzuki and Race car preparation )
Track Race Circuit preparation and Rally group N preparation
2 Danbury Court, Sunrise Parkway
Linford Wood, Milton Keynes MK14 6PL
Tel + 44 01908 231170 or Mobile 07747 843840 Mr Nicky Finlayson ( Parts Logistics )


Mr James Rumsey Executive Director, JRM Group Invited Mr Tommy Fung, Invo Auto ltd to their New HQ Premises of 50,000 Square-feet Motorsport Technical Workshop Centre in Rye, East Sussex. Opened in Summer 2009, this impressive premises includes an Engineering Workshop, Tuning and Dyno rigs, Rolling roads, bodywork and fabrication facilities, plus a wide range of associated equipment. It is this investment in technology, coupled with the expertise of its staff, that enables JRM to deal with almost every automotive related task. The JRM Group is the holding company for three brands: JR Motorsport, Sumo Power Ltd and Sumo Power GT. All three of these businesses represent a specific segment in the Motorsport and performance automotive markets whilst, at the same time, the combined wealth of skills and experience, provides an unrivalled technical resource for its customers. Since it began operation at the end of 2008,when it bought ADR  Motorsport-formerly responsible for all Mitsubishi UK's Motorsport activity- the JRM Group has rapidly grown into a company that operates from two premises and employs over 50 staff. During this time, JRM has firmly established itself as a major contender in Motorsport ,with its race and Rally Teams achieving great success in the UK and Overseas. In 2010 the company secured the British Rally Championship Teams' title with its Mitsubishi Lancers EVO cars. During the year the JRM team won four international rallies outright: two on gravel, one on tarmac and one on snow, confirming its reputation in constructing and running some of the best performing Group N cars in the World. J-R-Motorsport is the official Distributor of NISMO and MITSUBISHI RALLIART Parts Supplier. The Company JRM Group and Sumo Power GT Made its mark in Spectacular fashion. Under its Sumo Power GT Brand, it formed an association with NISMO ( Nissan Motorsports International Co. Ltd ) at the start of 2010 and, purchasing two 600-horsepower Nissan Skyline GT-Rs models, it announced it would contest the inaugural 2010 FIA GT1 World Championship. Having daveloped two 600bhp versions of the GT-R, specifically to comply with GT1 technical regulations, NISMO ( Nissan Motorsports International Co. Ltd ) Confirmed that JRM Group would become its technical partner and official distributor of parts in Europe and the Middle East. The Sumo Power GT team was revealed at 2010 January's Autosport International, where one of the Nissan Skyline GT-Rs was put on public display in the UK for the very first time. Initially, technical and support staff were appointed, who would work alongside a team of Japanese NISMO technicians based at the team's Rye East Sussex headquarters. Following this, the first two drivers were announced: Nissan's development driver and regular GT contender Michael Krumm and the highly-experienced Peter Dumbreck, who would run as team-mates in car number 23. then, a few weeks later, the pairing for car 22 was confirmed, with the extrnely capable Warren Hughes and Jamie Campbell-Walter sharing the wheel.

See photo's below Tommy at Invo Auto Ltd went to visit
J-R-Motorsport Group and Sumo Power Ltd, James Rumsey and regarding all our Summit Chassis Racing Brace or Bar Equipments and Summit Suspension Arm and Dead Solid Motorsport Pillow Ball Bushes and J-R-Motorsport Testing Summit Chassis Racing Brace and Summit Suspension Arm and Dead Solid Motorsport Pillow Ball Bushes. regarding all Summit Suspension Arm and Dead Solid Motorsport Pillow Ball Bushes Please Ask for ( Mark Dexter or Ryan Budd Sumo Power Team ). Tel 01327 307152 ( Invo Auto Tommy Have a Great Relationship With J-R-Motorsport Group and Sumo Power Team )

J-R-Motorsport Group and Sumo Power Ltd and Sumo Power GT Racing Team
Specialist in Built Motorsport Rally group A or N Cars preparation and GT-1 and GT-3 Circuit Race car preparation
Drag Cars and Drift Cars and Time Attack Circuit Cars and Fast-Road Track Day Race Car preparation.
H/Q Harbour Road Rye              Unit 3/4 Rutherford Way, Drayton Fields Industrial Estate
East Sussex TN31 7TE                 Daventry NN11 8XW Tel 01327 307152 Sumo Power Parts Team
Tel : 01797 222281 
                  Sumo Power Team  Mark Dexter or Ryan Budd or Jamie ( Parts Logistics )


( See Below pictures )  Jamie Dennison and Amy and Liam Doran inviting Invo Auto ltd. Tommy to attended the International Rally Cross Championship held at Lydden Hill Race Circuit on April 2010 and it's was Liam Doran second victory win at his home circuit lydden hill in Rally Cross Championship and a major boost to the Sweden Citroen C4 Team and the driver Liam Doran and ( INVO AUTO TOMMY HAVE A GREAT RELATIONSHIP WITH JAMIE DENNISON and AMY DORAN and His Brother LIAM DORAN )

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